August 7, 2020

Best Online Quiz Games

In the age of digital world where most of the things in this world can be found on mobile and smartphone. Apart from utilizing your knowledge, there is not any better way you can earn money online. There are many quiz apps present on the internet where you can visit and play interesting quiz and earn money. This article will help you find some of the best online quiz games you can play in your free time and then earn money as well. All the mentioned apps in the list will also help you provide various education-related to top competitive exams like SSC, Railways, banking exams and many more. To know more kindly read the following article below:

  • WinZo:

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One of the most trusted online quiz app present on the internet the WinZo is said to be the best one as well. As per certain users, users said that they have received the winning price amount within 24 hours and the money credited to the Paytm account instantly once it issued. There are certain challenges present in the app you can get in once you can answer the four challenge questions once you need to get paid. Every question will have 4 options and you have to pick the correct answer, the best part of this app is that you can select your favourite topics for the quiz you want to play and just go on.

  • Loco:

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Loco Live Trivia & Quiz Game Show is also one of the most popular online quiz games which is somehow different from WinZo where this game starts on limited timings and you need to pre-register before the time. The regular timing of this online game show commences from 1.30 PM and 10 PM every day. You will get 10 seconds to answer each question. As per the registrations, the app decides the price amount and then if you can answer all the questions you will get certain prize amount directly on your Paytm app.

  • Querka:

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Querka is also most interesting online quiz gaming app where the game starts at 8.30 PM and the total amount of prize money is 50000 for the first time and the mega quiz worth INR 200000 at the end of every month. This game also comprises of several questions with four options for each question. If you can answer all the questions you can withdraw the minimum withdraw an amount of INR 50.

The above mentioned were the most popular online quiz games you can play on your smartphones. Hope this article has cleared all your doubts.

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