July 8, 2020

Best Automobile Industries in Bangalore

To start with, Automobile department is one of the best industry in today’s scenario. If you have to majorly talk about logistics, Bangalore is the best place. Even big corporate companies work with logistics and are minting money. And again automobile industry is related to logistics in one or the other way. Ensure, you stay with us to know more about this. There are n number of automobile engineers graduating every year and are not having jobs. But when it comes to city like the Bangalore, there are lot of jobs awaiting, you just have to be go-getter. Let us discuss more about best automobile companies bangalore. Stay tuned!

Ashok Leyland 

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Ashok Leyland is in one of the renowned automobile industries operating PAN India. There are more into Yellow board vehicles as they mostly concentrate on logistics. There are lot of job 0fferings in this company and you just have to be a graduate with 1-2 years of work experience. You may be confused as to what to study to get into such jobs whether it has to be automobile engineering or mechanical engineering.

Tata Motors

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Tata Motors, yet again a renowned automobile companies in India. They have their corporate office in Mumbai and sub office in Bangalore. They are major manufactures of Heavy motor vehicles and Light Motor Vehicles. And most of their vehicle is being registered as yellow board vehicles. Well, the company is totally in search of talented engineers and they have set their standards for the candidates to secure a job. When it comes to Light Motor Vehicle, they have launched one of the best suvs and hatchbacks but Engine is very harsh and cannot expect things to be as smooth as Maruthi or Hyundai. There are wide range of jobs that are being offered by Tata Motors. Right from Diplomma graduates to Engineers, there are openings but yes, you just have to kick start your career with Service Engineer and then you can get promoted and reach greater heights. Since, automobile industry is the only industry which is never going to get saturated. If at all you are from computer science background, you can still get a job in Tata Consultancy Services.

We hope this answers most of your doubts regarding the automobile companies bangalore. Just in case you have any further questions, you can always ask us in the comments section. Stay connected to us for more such sections and thanks for reading!